Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2010 November 16

CC of the day

Rash on the right calf.

Me: How long have you had it?

Him: About a month.

Me: Anything change in that time?

Him: Not that I can think of.

Me (bending down to take a peek): Looks itchy. Is it anywhere else?

Him: No. Weird, eh?

Me: Nice tattoo. How long you have it?

Him (admiring his tattoo, an awesome goldfish): Thanks. About a month.

Me: Hm. Looks like you’re allergic to orange tattoo ink. That’s gonna suck.



  1. Hey! This is Sue Makin, now living in South Korea, teaching in a nursing school. I would like to catch up with you. Where are you living and what are you doing?

  2. *Now* what? How do you remove tattoo ink?

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