Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2010 October 7

Dear makers of Lipitor:

You need to stop advertising that shit. Every single fucking day, I get people in my office who NEED a statin…. they have ye olde type II diabetes, a cholesterol of six, are horrendously overweight, and won’t go see my dietician because they know she is also going to tell them no more BBQ…. and they keep stopping their lipitor because the 8 million side effect disclaimers are scaring the living shit out of them.

You’re losing yourself buttloads of money.

Besides the fact that my patients are too afraid to take a drug that will in all likelihood extend the time to their next heart attack. But that’s my lookout, not yours.



  1. I’m not surprised. I think the easiest way to be healthy is just to keep a healthy weight.

    There was even an article of a professor who ate nothing but multi-vitamins and twinkies, and just because he lost a lot of weight, his markers of health improved.

  2. Yes, that’s entirely true, you’re completely right. However my point seems to have gone WHOOSH right over your head.

    Some people will not maintain a healthy weight, for whatever reason. They have a high-risk profile. They won’t cooperate with lifestyle changes. They won’t exercise. They won’t see a dietician or even merely stop drinking fizzy pop.

    These people will have heart attacks. They simply will. Some already have. People at risk of heart attacks need to modify their risk factors, and failing all the stuff mentioned above, a statin is a safe and effective addition which can prevent or at least put off the next heart attack.

    The disclaimers on the ads, however, scare some of my patients enough that they won’t even do that. Which is extremely frustrating. I want to help, but the ads are making it impossible. Bah.

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