Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2010 March 24

Of hate speech and camels

I’m Canadian (eh?). I don’t have freedom of speech.

Well, that’s not enirely true.

My freedom of speech ends when I start to call for hatred of another group, violence against a person or group, or I start uttering threats.

Teachers in the UK routinely deal with threats against themselves and their families. According to the tachers I have spoken to, action is rarely, if ever taken, and it leads to a tense classroom environment. In Canada, a threat of violence is a police matter. Teachers who have taught in both systems tell me they feel more secure here.

Ann Coulter is, IMHO, a right wing windbag with nothing of value to add to society. Boo hoo hoo those poor oppressed rich white men. Why ever she was scheduled to speak at Canadian universities is beyond me, but then, nobody asked for my opinion, and I am neither a student there nor required to listen to her, so meh.

At UWO, she spoke as scheduled and apparently, she predictably made an ass of herself, following up an earlier comment regarding Muslims (something along the lines of they should all be banned from airlines and if they want to travel they should use a magic carpet, IIRC). When a Muslim student objected, saying she had no magic carpet, she was told to ride a camel.

Apparently, all this is par for the course for Ms. Coulter.

In Canada, statements encouraging mistrust and hatred of specific racial and religious groups can come under the definition of “fomenting racial hatred,” which our courts consider to be crime. One can be arrested for such things.

U of Ottawa gave her fair warning about Canada’s hate speech laws so she could protect herself. Poor dear, she took offense to their letter.

Several U of Ottawa students gathered outside where she would speak, some in protest, and others merely hoping to get inside. This apparently counts as violent protest to Coulter? It’s a good thing she isn’t into teabagging (snicker).

My thoughts on her statement at UWO:

Dear Ms. Coulter:
Thanks for volunteering to carry my Muslim colleagues when travelling. I didn’t think your hump was terribly obvious, though I do see the resemblance around the nose. I suspect, however, that most people would prefer to fly.

Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out!

We have enough kooks in Canada. We don’t need to borrow any of yours, America, so take her back already!



  1. I dunno, camels and magic carpets were starting to seem like very appealing options to get home from Morocco this week, what with all the flights cancelled due to volcano. Coulter may be onto something. *Snicker*.

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