Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2010 January 31


Dear new patients:

Thank you for your lovely wishes and expressions of happiness that I will be coming in to take on a portion of Dr. Mentor’s practice.

You all seem lovely.

I think I have figured out why she needs to retire, however.

There are going to be a few changes to how things are run. Firstly, I will do my utmost to keep afternoons open for same-day/next-day appointments, so hopefully your access will not be compromised.

Second: I will ask you every time I see you if you have sufficient medication to last to your next visit, and if the answer is no, we will renew your medications then. I do not want to continue having 60 faxed prescription reqests a day. It is a waste of paper and time.

Third: if you need pain or antianxiety medication or antidepressants, I need to see you.

Fourth: If on three consecutive visits you show up wearing a copper bracelet, talking about your chiropractor, and telling me you are “controlling” your cholesterol (which is 8.2) with herbs and you don’t want to take medications, I will ask you to remove yourself from my roster and see a naturopath, because that is bullshit. Ditto for refusing flu shots and not vaccinating your children. Clearly you don’t need real medicine if you don’t believe in it. Right?

My goal is to do my best to serve the population that wants and needs a family physician, while not getting burned out in the process. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

PS: I love my staff. Just sayin’.


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