Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2009 December 28

Update 2010

1: Get up to five a day. – that was easy.

2: Get a dog. –not home enough to give one a good home. Yet.

3: Get a real job. –I’m taking on half a practise, doing some ED work, and some surgical assists. I think that counts.

4: ….or locum for a while. Meh. –Did that, last locum this week.

5: Convince my husband we don’t need to repaint the kitchen. – ok, so that wasn’t hard.

6: Stain that giant naked piece of furniture. –it looks great.

7: Figure out where I want to put the tomato plants. –I think it’ll be somewhere different next year.

8: Trim the apple trees. –did that, now just need to trim the cherry and pear trees.

9: Get over the arachnophobia already. –hehehehe… no.

10: Catch the mouse (mice, surely) in the kitchen. –caught four this week. Ugh.

11: Bully my hairdressser into a style I like. –I gave up on her and got my hair done in the city. I *love* my new hairdresser.

12: Learn the alphabet in Arabic. –yeah, no.

13: Travel someplace where it isn’t snowing while it is snowing here. –this year, I hope.

14: Get more comfortable with rheumatology. –hm. Still more to learn.

15: Get my complete neuro exam down to four minutes. –not possible. Seven minutes is OK.

16: Do an LP. –not yet.

17: Do my ATLs. –not yet.

18: Refresh my ACLS. –scheduled.

19: Stop eating chicken. –more or less. I just hate the battery farming, so I choose not to contribute.

20: Get more White Stripes into my daily life. –  still love ’em

24: Update my “absolutely essential groundbreaking articles” file. –ongoing.

25: Get a pedicure. –heheheh.

26: Join a hockey team. –hm. This should be prefaced by “improve skating abilities.”

27: Get drunk enough to try karaoke. –lol, no.

28: Go back-country camping. –not this year, only car camping.

29: ….with canoes. –*sigh*

30: ….. and don’t get eaten by bears. –success!

31: Reclaim at least one committed set of anti-vaccine parents for rationality. –not really, but gave out a lot of information and made people think about where they were getting their information.

32: Post some manner of sign in my office that will prevent religious people from trying to convert me. –it’s not “officially” my office yet.

33: Drive to Hamilton without getting lost. –I don’t even need the GPS anymore!

34: Finish this flipping project. –it was a hassle, and now it’s OVER!

35: Get published. –hm. Not even tried.

36: Go horseback riding. –no.

37: Make more crepes. –O yes.

38: Use the breadmaker at least monthly.-I think on average it’s close to monthly.

39: Teach my husband to grocery shop. –FAIL. If he does the shopping, we will have exactly four items: milk, bread, tea, and beer.

40: Frame the paintings I brought back from Malawi. –one down, three to go.

41: Get used to saying “president Obama.” –  like most liberals, I’m pretty disappointed. But he’s a step in the right direction

42: Avoid Walmart entirely. –Oh fail. But I love this about Walmart.

43: Win something. Anything. –no, but that’s OK.

44: ….even if that means buying raffle tickets. –hm, that may be why.

45: See one of my heartsink patients without getting a headache. –once or twice, but still, they kill me.

46: Remind people that Volkswagen is built in the US, Subaru in Canada, Toyota in Canada, and Honda in Canada. –constantly.

47: …. and that they are just better products. –also, constantly.

48: Convince my co-worker to let me test-drive his Porsche. –not yet, but I’ll keep trying.

49: Visit my sister. –yes.

50: ….and my mother. –yes.

51: ….. and my cousins. –yes.

52: …..and meet all the new babies.-yes. Well, most of them.

53: …..before they learn to drive. –  ok, so I have a little time. And there are more babies on the way!

57: Go to a Habs game. –no. *sob*

58: Go to a Leafs game (preferably vs the Habs). –no, but I’ll live.

59: Get all those birthdays into something that will remind me to send cards! –getting there.

60: Learn some guitar. Elvis only knew 4 chords! –no. Also, guitar is way hard on wimpy fingertips.

89: Stop obsessing about my BMI. –FAIL

90: Practise my français. –yes. I had no choice.

91: Finish all this busywork. –yes. There was a deadline.

92: Get rid of the defunct Nissan in the garden. –yes.

93: …..else bite the bullet and use it as a planter. –hmm. O, that would have made me popular.

94: Get more than just basil to grow in the garden. –yes. Rosemary, thyme, onions, oregano, chives, and cilantro. But the basil refused to grow, for some reason

95: Save myself for the really good chocolate. –mostly.

96: Reduce the procrastination to something manageable. –c’mon, I’m only human.

101: Do the BMW driving course. –Oooooh…. not yet.

102: Plant strawberries to go with the rhubarb that is taking over. –I forgot!

103: Go snowboarding at least 3 times. –O. I guess I’d better go twice this week.

104: ….preferably without needing to visit the ED. and there is that.

105: Go snowshoeing. –yes. Many times. Invested in a pair.

106: …. or ice skating. –yes. Many times.

107: …. or hanging out in a hot tub. –yes. Once or twice. Outdoors, in -20C. It was AMAZING.

108: …. or whatever it takes to put the kibosh on seasonal affective disorder. –Hurrah pharmaceuticals!

109: Find something cultural to do in rural Ontario. –still working on that.

110: Pass the last of my exams. –yes.

111: Join a yoga class. –no.

112: ….. and actually go. –boy do I know me.

113: Learn to knit (because I can). –yes.

114: Get my Td. –yes.

115: Become the local “travel doc.” –on the road, but not there yet. It involves storage of very sensitive vaccines, so we shall see.

116: Plant more roses. –yes.

117: Clean out the Rabbit. –yes.

118: Win the thistle war. –that was optimistic!

119: Call a truce with the dandelions. –depending on what you mean by truce. I think it’s more of a war of attrition.

120: Learn to like spinach (yuk). –yuk.

121: Use more fresh cheese. –mmmm cheese.

122: Switch to whole-grain pasta. –yes.

123: Look into a legal name change. –no.

124: Go to an OHL game. –yes. One.

125: … the team doc. –not yet.

126: Get Sari to come visit. –yes.

127: …. and Cathy. –yes.

128: …. and Marieke. –(you’re invited, hon!)

135: Chuck three (3) drug reps out of my office for entertainment. –no. I’ve successfully ignored them, but they are a necessary evil here in Ontario. We need a stash of “free” drugs for people without presciption drug insurance who cannot afford their drugs. This is not an issue in Quebec, and it allows people to fall through the cracks.

136: …and then chuck their drugs after them (are you listening ezetimibe?). –*sigh*

137: Give a presentation. –yes.

138: ….. without blushing like a rose. Or a tomato, whichever. –yes.

139: Start OR assisting again. –yes. Scheduled for January.

140: Learn to do c-sections. –no. A change in plans. Maybe at some point.

141: Feel comfortable with my sloppy house. –I wonder if that’s possible.

150: Equalise my uptodate and facebook time. – *crickets*

151: Call my mother. –yes.

152: ….and try not to argue with her. –yes. Once or twice.

153: Wash my car. –I must have, at some point.

154: Figure out an alternate means of transport when I live 37 km from my office in rural Ontario. –still working on that.

155: Start hypermiling. –no. But my car is tuned, and I don’t jackrabbit off stops. I’m running 9.5 L/100 km with snow tires, warmups, and full time AWD.

156: Go treetop walking. –yes. And it was BRILLIANT.

157: Bring my husband back to my childhood home. –not yet.

158: ….. but make sure he doesn’t stay there. – that might be a workout.

159: Spend more time in Montreal. –yes.

160: Find something about Toronto I like. –still looking.

161: Re-visit NYC. –yes. I *heart* NY

166: Pay off VISA and make a dent in Mastercard. –yes. Actually, both should be paid off this month.

168: Learn to hate potato chips. –still working on that.

169: Stop having the Tim’s breakfast of champions. –yes. They stopped making what I like, so I don’t go anymore.

170: Vote. –yes.

171: Get on the do not call list. –yes.

175: Celebrate Robbie Burns’ Day. –yes.

176: …. whilst avoiding actual haggis. –yes. *phew*

177: Clear up my computer. –yes. But someone messed it up again.

178: Restart quilting. –not yet.

179: Throw a party. –nope.

180: …. for more than just two people. – errrmm…

196: Buy some wine glasses. –yes. And someone broke them. Two steps forward…

197: …. not at the Dollar Store. –yes.

198: ….. and teach the man how to not break them. –FAIL

199: Download Relentless by Theory of a Deadman. –yes. *sigh*

200: ….and take the opportunity to go see them next time they come. –missed it!

201: Do things instead of making lists. –Oh. Crap.

Pretty sorted? I thought I would be pretty sorted?

Ah, optimism. It’ll bite you in the ass every time.



  1. Gah ezetimibe and its cousins.
    Happy NY.

  2. Love this list – especially #126 (that was TWICE) and #159 and #161.

    If you can get yourself here on February 2nd, we can make #57 happen.

  3. I hope your list is in order of priority. I’m honoured that rheumatology ranks as high as 14th. I’ll try to ignore the fact that it ranks lower than tomatoes, bugs and vermin.

    • Not exactly in order of priority, no, but I see a lot of rheumatology. It makes sense for me to handle as much of it as I can, but I really need to know what I can handle and when to refer. I also need to be comfortable adjusting medication prescribed by the rheumatologist where it is poorly tolerated or not working.

      Access to tertiary care in this area is slow, particularly the internal medicine subspecialties.

      So, if it was in order of priority, it might be higher.

  4. I want to come see you too… maybe this summer? Winter is no good for me and my evil TM…
    Now just need to figure out how to get there? Train to TO and get picked up?

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