Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2009 November 5

Channeling Nelson Munch: Point and laugh now

Behavioral optometry and homeopathy are probably compatible, both being based on no science that scientists understand. Check out this very entertaining video for an explanation that leaves me, for one, scratching my head.

“So, if I wanted to make a bomb, and I… took all these chemicals and I encased it in a… ss… you know a… a BOMB… ok… and tonight my neighbour lets his dog poop in my yard. Literally, ok. And I’m mad at that dog and my neighbour. So I’m gonna take this bomb and I’m going to get back at him. So what if I threw that bomb at his house? ” -Charlene Warner

Um. Sure. I’m glad I’m not your next-door neighbour, even without a dog.

Even more entertaining: the person who originally posted the video on youtube has now received this letter:

Dr Charlene Werner

I thought you would like to know that you will be contacted by Dr Werner’s Attorney shortly regarding her video. The posting of this video is in violation of copyright laws. We are aware that you have had this video up since March of ’08 however I suggest you delete it immediately.

Jayson Patrick


Lady, you do not understand how teh interwebz works. Good luck with that.

Please repost! Everywhere!

h/t Pharyngula, Science Based Medicine, and a few others.



  1. Behavioural optometry? Thats a new one to me, and I am acquainted with heaps of OBGYN and vaccination haters. Must look it up, but I am little bit scared…

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