Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2009 October 16

Why doctors run late

No, I really don’t mind checking that mole while you’re here to renew your diabetes medication. (2 minutes)

It’s ok that you didn’t bring your medication, but it takes a few minutes longer to confirm that you’re taking what we think you’re taking. (4 minutes)

Hm. You had the scan when? I’ll get Deanne to call over to the hospital and see if they can track it down. (3 minutes)

Sure, I can see the old gent from the nursing home with the weepy eye. (45 minutes to arrange admission and IV antibiotics for periorbital cellulitis)

No problem, I can get you refills on your bp meds when your wife and I have finished our visit. Let me just check out your pressure, and how are your ankles…. (10 minutes to arrange transport and talk to the emergency docs for uncontrolled new onset atrial flutter)

Sorry, I’m running late. Please bear with me.


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