Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2009 September 12


I was in a lingerie shop, trying on bras. I was chatting with the shop assistant, trying to explain that no, indeed, going one size larger on the strap and a size smaller on the cup didn’t make the bras “the same size.”

But hey, what do you expect for $10 an hour plus commission?

I was pulling my shirt over my head when I felt a most excruciating *crunch* in my right shoulder.

Apparently I let out a very impressive shriek.

I knelt on the floor for a minute, realising that my shoulder had subluxed out (hazards of an old traumatic dislocation and not lifting weights much lately-lazy girl).

And all I could think was, how do I ask the shop assistant to come in and help me relocate my shoulder?



  1. ouch! again? didn’t this happen a few years ago, also in a shop while trying on clothes?

    What did you do in the end?

  2. Yes, same thing again. Jim was there, and rushed in. As I was explaining to him what to do, I moved it enough that it clunked back on its own.

  3. Good thing he was there 🙂

  4. You mean you didn’t have a homeopathic pain reliever handy?

    • Homeopathy for a dislocated shoulder. 😛 Now that WOULD be entertaining.

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