Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2009 April 13


Working with old folks can be fun and frustrating.

It’s always a shocker when the cute little old lady in the pink floral pinny and the tight white perm (who incidentally has dementia with frontal release) starts hitting on the male resident.

I find myself yelling at everyone. It can be embarrassing, particularly when the old guy says: “I’m not deaf, don’t shout at me!” Not to mention when you go to the cafeteria and find yourself bellowing at the servers.

And then there’s the forgetfulness. “Yes, Mrs. Enderby, we talked about your sore knee and you are going for an X-ray…” I for one find myself wondering if it might be a good thing to get going on the Aricept right now, in the hopes of heading it off.


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