Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2009 January 24

201 things to do before 2010

1: Get up to five a day.

2: Get a dog.

3: Get a real job.

4: ….or locum for a while. Meh.

5: Convince my husband we don’t need to repaint the kitchen.

6: Stain that giant naked piece of furniture.

7: Figure out where I want to put the tomato plants.

8: Trim the apple trees.

9: Get over the arachnophobia already.

10: Catch the mouse (mice, surely) in the kitchen.

11: Bully my hairdressser into a style I like.

12: Learn the alphabet in Arabic.

13: Travel someplace where it isn’t snowing while it is snowing here.

14: Get more comfortable with rheumatology.

15: Get my complete neuro exam down to four minutes.

16: Do an LP.

17: Do my ATLs.

18: Refresh my ACLS.

19: Stop eating chicken.

20: Get more White Stripes into my daily life.

24: Update my “absolutely essential groundbreaking articles” file.

25: Get a pedicure.

26: Join a hockey team.

27: Get drunk enough to try karaoke.

28: Go back-country camping.

29: ….with canoes.

30: ….. and don’t get eaten by bears.

31: Reclaim at least one committed set of anti-vaccine parents for rationality.

32: Post some manner of sign in my office that will prevent religious people from trying to convert me.

33: Drive to Hamilton without getting lost.

34: Finish this flipping project.

35: Get published.

36: Go horseback riding.

37: Make more crepes.

38: Use the breadmaker at least monthly.

39: Teach my husband to grocery shop.

40: Frame the paintings I brought back from Malawi.

41: Get used to saying “president Obama.”

42: Avoid Walmart entirely.

43: Win something. Anything.

44: ….even if that means buying raffle tickets.

45: See one of my heartsink patients without getting a headache.

46: Remind people that Volkswagen is built in the US, Subaru in Canada, Toyota in Canada, and Honda in Canada.

47: …. and that they are just better products.

48: Convince my co-worker to let me test-drive his Porsche.

49: Visit my sister.

50: ….and my mother.

51: ….. and my cousins.

52: …..and meet all the new babies.

53: …..before they learn to drive.

57: Go to a Habs game.

58: Go to a Leafs game (preferably vs the Habs).

59: Get all those birthdays into something that will remind me to send cards!

60: Learn some guitar. Elvis only knew 4 chords!

89: Stop obsessing about my BMI.

90: Practise my français.

91: Finish all this busywork.

92: Get rid of the defunct Nissan in the garden.

93: …..else bite the bullet and use it as a planter.

94: Get more than just basil to grow in the garden.

95: Save myself for the really good chocolate.

96: Reduce the procrastination to something manageable.

101: Do the BMW driving course.

102: Plant strawberries to go with the rhubarb that is taking over.

103: Go snowboarding at least 3 times.

104: ….preferably without needing to visit the ED.

105: Go snowshoeing.

106: …. or ice skating.

107: …. or hanging out in a hot tub.

108: …. or whatever it takes to put the kibosh on seasonal affective disorder.

109: Find something cultural to do in rural Ontario.

110: Pass the last of my exams.

111: Join a yoga class.

112: ….. and actually go.

113: Learn to knit (because I can).

114: Get my Td.

115: Become the local “travel doc.”

116: Plant more roses.

117: Clean out the Rabbit.

118: Win the thistle war.

119: Call a truce with the dandelions.

120: Learn to like spinach (yuk).

121: Use more fresh cheese.

122: Switch to whole-grain pasta.

123: Look into a legal name change.

124: Go to an OHL game.

125: … the team doc.

126: Get Sari to come visit.

127: …. and Cathy.

128: …. and Marieke.

135: Chuck three (3) drug reps out of my office for entertainment.

136: …and then chuck their drugs after them (are you listening ezetimibe?).

137: Give a presentation.

138: ….. without blushing like a rose. Or a tomato, whichever.

139: Start OR assisting again.

140: Learn to do c-sections.

141: Feel comfortable with my sloppy house.

150: Equalise my uptodate and facebook time.

151: Call my mother.

152: ….and try not to argue with her.

153: Wash my car.

154: Figure out an alternate means of transport when I live 37 km from my office in rural Ontario.

155: Start hypermiling.

156: Go treetop walking.

157: Bring my husband back to my childhood home.

158: ….. but make sure he doesn’t stay there.

159: Spend more time in Montreal.

160: Find something about Toronto I like.

161: Re-visit NYC.

166: Pay off VISA and make a dent in Mastercard.

168: Learn to hate potato chips.

169: Stop having the Tim’s breakfast of champions.

170: Vote.

171: Get on the do not call list.

175: Celebrate Robbie Burns’ Day.

176: …. whilst avoiding actual haggis.

177: Clear up my computer.

178: Restart quilting.

179: Throw a party.

180: …. for more than just two people.

196: Buy some wine glasses.

197: …. not at the Dollar Store.

198: ….. and teach the man how to not break them.

199: Download Relentless by Theory of a Deadman.

200: ….and take the opportunity to go see them next time they come.

201: Do things instead of making lists.

By the time I actually do all of this stuff I ought to be pretty sorted.

**** I know there are loads of numbers missing. I was a little ambitious I think. Maybe I’ll fill them in as I tick things off.

****Idea stolen from Dragonfly, with thanks.



  1. LOL… I don’t think I could get to 250, let alone 201!

  2. It’s hard to find well-informed people in this particular subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!


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