Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2008 August 21

A whole new world

(cue Disney music and dancing animals….)

A new family doc’s office, and a totally different experience.

It’s amazing what a difference patient demographics can make. I generally spend my time in an office of a solo family doc in a well-to-do little town on a bay. The patients are generally retirees from the nearest big city, with a few of the ‘locals’ who are a little less well off and make up the service sector in the area. Heavily geriatric. Lots of money. Very entitled, in a lot of cases. A lot of ‘lifestyle’ diseases, not to mention cosmetic problems. Lots of snowbirds***.

Currently doing a rotation an alternate small town nearby, which is not quite so gentrified.

It’s a little different. A lot more interesting and varied problems, from the occupational exposures to the heavy-duty psych (no local psychiatry) to the crazy rheumatology cases (no rheum specialist) to the STIs… the list is endless.

Even the fibromyalgeurs can’t ruin it, it’s that much more interesting.

***snowbirds: in Canadian, this refers to the old codgers who spend their winters in Florida, but come back for 185 days a year (or thereabouts) to keep their Canadian healthcare active. Naughty, naughty. But then, given the winters, you can hardly blame them.


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