Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2008 April 21

“Protect your children now.”

The above is a direct quote from a direct-to-consumer marketing campaign for a vaccine. The implication being of course if YOUR child should get sick with this rather uncommon but certainly serious illness and YOU didn’t vaccinate them then whatever happens to them is YOUR FAULT.

The close to $100 a dose the company makes from this is…. not relevant.

The same or a similar vaccine is publicly funded in Canada during outbreaks, but routine vaccination is not done. Why are they advertising to everyone in the States?

Direct to consumer advertising bugs me, because the vast majority of people don’t have the resources and understanding to make the judgements necessary to choose one drug over another.

My “favourite” example of this is the statin/ace fixed combination drugs, advertised under a fancy new name. It’s a blatant attempt at patent extension for good drugs going off-patent.

Don’t get me wrong, they are good drugs. But taking one pill with both drugs in, and paying A GOOD DEAL EXTRA for the privilege seems kind of silly. Makes it hard to monkey with dosages, and costs public health a scary amount of money.

My favourite people are the ones who say, it’s okay, my insurance company will cover it. Yes, they will, but it’s going to push up everyone’s premiums, including yours.

Who am I to say anything? My mother uses brand name painkillers and acid reducers and swears up and down that the generics are cheap knockoffs that don’t work as well. And no amount of organic chemistry and pharmacodynamics can convince her otherwise.



  1. My father insists on brand name anti-hypertensives to keep his BP stable. But exercise??? Nuhuh.

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