Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2008 January 8

A change in scenery

I have been required by my programme to up-sticks and move away from my husband for the next four months, moving from Small County Hospital to Slightly Larger County Hospital With Parking Issues. I paid $200 for a parking pass which has yet to allow me to park without needing to wait for someone to move.

The doctors’ parking lot at Small County Hospital had space for 30 cars. When I was on call during the latest snowstorm, I slept at the hospital. I got called out just after midnight to a nursing home, and rubbing the sleep from my eyes and pulling on my snowboots, I did not relish the idea of needing to dig my car out from under the snowdrift and make a trail out of the tiny lot.

I stepped outside into thigh-deep snow and slogged my way to the car. My car was the only one in the lot.

The lot had been cleared. Not just cleared, someone had thoughtfully dug out around my car and cleared the three feet of snow off its roof and windshield. How kind can one snowplough driver be?

And so I wait. I am trying to figure out the role of the family medicine resident in a gynecologist’s solo practise. I know he has taken us on in the past, and it makes me wonder if I am particularly keen for a FM resident or if he simply wants me to decide how much I get out of it.

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