Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 December 6

The Orthopods

I had a conversation with an orthopod recently. He was an old school sort of guy, with multiple patient complaints against him regarding his bedside manner or lack thereof.

I was assisting him one fine weekend. He was doing shoulders and hips that day, with the occasional snapped tendon thrown in for good measure. He was very good at his job, with an unparalleled knowledge of the anatomy and a sure sense of what force was appropriate for each person’s tissues.

He decried the “well rounded” or “academic” physician.

His argument was as succinct as you might expect:

Who would you want to operate on you: the doc who serves on six committees and spends two days a week in a lab and doesn’t work weekends, or the workaholic asshole who spends all that time in the OR?


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