Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 November 27

FM on call

So, there are advantages to doing rural family medicine.

What specialty gets a weekend like this:

  • rounds on inpatients in the morning
  • arrange discharges with families and community care programmes so patients do not have to sit on the ward until Monday
  • six hours in the OR helping put people back together after they have pulled a Humpty-Dumpty
  • admit ACS patient to ICU and start medical treatment
  • manage 3rd degree heart block and arrange for transfer for a permanent pacemaker
  • be involved with trauma management for car-crash injuries
  • and still have time to have coffee at the local internet cafe and internet chat with good friends

Maybe I will get a chance to learn to be a good doctor after all.


I am odd. I like driving in the snow. I learned to drive in the snow. I can parallel park easier in the snow by sliding the car sideways into the spot. Sliding doesn’t scare me as long as I know I am going at a speed where I can control it.

However, I have a new least favourite weather to drive in. Yesterday as I was driving home, there was a weird temperature inversion that had me leaving heavy wet snow to drive through thick fog PLUS heavy snow. Translation: visibility to the end of my bumper, with really slimy roads to go with it.


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