Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 November 21

The plural of anecdote

I don’t know about you, but every year I get a flu shot. And the next day every year I feel tired, get a low-grade fever and have a sore arm. These are side effects of my flu shot. I try to get my flu shot on a Friday so I can be lazy on Saturday with a bona-fide excuse. This year I had a cranky Tuesday.

One week after the flu shots, I admitted an elderly lady who lived in an assisted living facility and who obviously had come and had her flu shot. She was quite mentally alert at 93, but physically frail.

Three days after having her vaccination, she started feeling tired. Over the next few days the staff at the facility noticed that she was short of breath, and they eventually sent her to the emergency department for evaluation.

Where she was promptly diagnosed with a big fat pneumonia.

Her take on things: “Dr. Red! I am so disappointed in you! You gave me pneumonia!”

Me: “I…. I…. what?”

Her: “I am never getting a flu shot again!”

Me: *sigh*


The needlestick: the bloods were all negative, as expected. But I find myself letting out that little sigh of relief that betrays the hint of doubt. My story is not nearly as compelling as Scalpel’s.


Did you know that skunks are utterly fearless when it comes to cars? What would be worse to hit: a radiator-destroying porcupine, a deer that’s going to leave one mother of a dent, or a skunk that’s not really going to do any damage but is going to make your car smell of… well… skunk… for weeks?


This week’s near misses: 

  • Deer: 2
  • Skunks: 2
  • Squirrels: 3

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