Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 October 27

Ways to drive me crazy

Ask me, with an expectant smile on your face, what I think of complementary and alternative medicine. Get annoyed with me when I tell you.

Tell me you are REALLY WORRIED about your blood pressure that you have been checking four times a day and you notice it’s all over the map: first it was 113/75, then it was 108/70, then 112/83, and NOW it’s 128/78 and you could just TELL it was shooting way up….

Or just tell me you can tell what your blood pressure is because you can feel it.

Ask me to refill your husband’s medications too, even though he doesn’t have an appointment and is in fact not even here. Get indignant when I say no.

Ask for antibiotics for your runny nose.

Tell me you have pneumonia and you need antibiotics. Don’t cough or wheeze or have a fever, but do smell very strongly of smoke.

Tell me you had a rash which went away yesterday, and ask me what I think it was. Because I am psychic.

Tell me about the great new discovery you read about in the newspaper about how to treat blood pressure with beta-blockers, and ask me if I knew that.

Stop your statin because you “feel fine.” Or your bp meds. Clearly, I need to explain things better.

Tell me you need your results immediately because you are going to Florida on Tuesday and they make you PAY for your healthcare there.



  1. i think i speak for almost all medical people when i say;- i understand.

  2. ..except that I can tell you what my BP is cause I CAN just “feel” it! I swear, I am never wrong, it’s uncanny!

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