Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 October 26

Cold comfort

Flu shot season is here! Yay!

My Monday will consist of an assembly-line-like exercise with one person drawing up doses, one person ticking off names and getting folks to roll up sleeves, and two people swabbing and sticking.

Myths about the flu shot:

It offers 100% protection from the flu. No, but it helps.

I’m totally healthy; I don’t need no stinkin’ shot. Probably right, though influenza has a mortality rate for the young and healthy as well. But you might live with an asthmatic child, or have a granny you like to visit in her old folks home, or…

It’s expensive. It might be, in your area, but it’s probably cheaper than two weeks of being too sick to work. 

Every time I get the flu shot, I get flu (my mother’s fave excuse). The shot can give you fever and malaise, but that goes away without becoming much of anything. If you get more symptoms you most likely got a COLD. Which is not FLU. And therefore the flu shot doesn’t help. You big wimp, mom.

Number one reason to get the flu shot: You don’t want to get flu.

And if you live in Ontario, it’s free!



  1. My excuse: Yeah it’s probably a good idea but it doesn’t jibe nicely with my phobia of needles. All things considered, I think I’d prefer the flu. (And yes, I know I’m weird).

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