Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 October 20

Rural Family Med Call

Not exactly the same as on call for surgery in tertiary care, I admit.

Home call. Able to go to a cafe and study/go to a movie with my husband/experiment with my breadmaker/sleep in my own bed.

I’m generally on call for six physicians plus tele-health. I don’t necessarily know all the patients and their problems can be medical, surgical, psychatric, or any combination. I usually get two calls a shift, one from ER to let me know that they are admitting someone under my name (I have to say: who? which doc? chief complaint? general condition? and OK that’s fine, call me anytime… they write the orders for overnight); the other from a floor re: medication.

I have never been called by tele-health.

It’s me they would call for a code or an unstable patient. This could happen any time. But it seems to be rare enough. I think patients who would have been likely to code have generally discussed code status or are transferred to hospitals which offer more advanced services.

I am SO not prepared to go back to specialist medicine in January. But believe it or not, I am looking forward to it. Family med is making me nuts. How am I ever going to be a decent physician like this? Am I crazy?


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