Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 September 22

Living on the Edge

….not exactly.

I miss my city.

In its place I get:

One internet cafe. That closes at 9pm. But I count myself lucky.

Fall fairs with tractor pulls and llama judging. For real.

Giant tomatoes as gifts from patients. And plums. And cucumbers.

My very own 4-wheel drive.

The General Store, which sells potato chips and homemade pies and rents movies and bacon sandwiches and tins of tuna and toilet paper and pizza…

Radio Jesus. On several stations.

Fantabulous sunrises.

The beach.

Rush hour traffic involving one stop sign, two tractors, a school bus, two pickup trucks, and me.

My own pear tree. No partridge though.



  1. And the city misses you too… especially the staff at Claire De Lune I don’t doubt!

  2. Speaking of llama judging, did you know that you can fit 5 llamas into my dad’s Windstar? (news from “the big city”)

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