Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 September 21

Hot chocolate

Some patients “get it.”

They understand that there is no magic pill to make them happy, to take away all of their pain. They understand that I can prescribe with their budget in mind, but that I can’t just give them meds. They understand that life is not easy, not fair, and not painless.

They understand that I, their primary care doc, am there to provide direction and resources, but that their health is in the end their own responsibility.

These patients are an absolute joy.

I saw a woman this week who was in her early seventies, and had only two years previously been diagnosed with type II diabetes.

She had taken up cycling. She had cajoled her husband into taking a scenic walk with her once a week. She had given up refined sugar entirely and had severely limited her simple carbohydrate intake. She had lost 10kg.

At her previous visit, her doc had stopped her oral hypoglycemics.

Her hemoglobin A1C was 0.055.

Her fasting blood glucose was 6.0.

Her lipids were well below target, and her HDL was higher than her LDL.

Her pressure was normal, and her exam was normal.

She was in great shape.

Her big question was: I gave up chocolate, but I love hot chocolate. Can I drink some hot chocolate when I am skiing? 

I wanted to hug her.


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