Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 August 9


I’m on conference with a bunch of people who golf; I don’t golf. As a matter of fact to me the word “golfer” has come to mean BIG LOSER. Watch enough Montreal Canadiens hockey and you’ll see what I mean (golfers!).

So what do I do with my afternoons?

Study? (a little, but it’s August)

Explore the town? (yup, found the one horse sometime Monday) It’s a tiny tourist town on a river. Supposedly outdoorsy.

Try to do something outdoorsy? I spent four hours yesterday looking for someone to rent me a kayak. It would have been easier to find someone to give me a kidney.

I finally found a shop in the centre of downtown that rents kayaks. The catch: they were about to shut. But I was in luck, Wedneday evening was kayak night, where the shop staff go kayaking and take along whoever wants to go.

So I paddled up the Muskoka River with a gang of people I didn’t know, watching the sun get lower and lower. I rode the wakes of speedboats and got water lilies wrapped around my paddle. I got a really wet butt and loved every minute of it.



  1. I want to go kayaking!!!

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