Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 May 2

Hello City!

At Ben&Jerry’s, three cute guys dancing and singing while serving ice cream. To the tune of, It’s Raining Men!

Crepes. And good coffee. Did I mention the crepes?

Terasse madness in April. And May. And any sunny day in October.

Restaurants with a different beer for every day of the year. Or thereabouts.

North America’s most psychotic drivers becoming slightly more detached from reality in June. Everyone’s a race-car driver on the lead-up to Grand Prix.

Free ice cream Tuesday.

Domestic disputes on the morning radio show. Sometimes they call the other guy’s mom instead.

Wine (and occasionally free wine samples) at the supermarket.

Old people bowling in the park.

At Square St-Louis, a three-piece band, including guy with double bass, playing jazz. In the fountain.

Potholes that can swallow your car (okay…. I could do without the last one….).


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