Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 April 26

In the category of WTF?


Can you imagine anyone thinking that was an acceptable label? Apparently *someone* thought it was a good descriptor. I would venture, the lady in the photo might disagree.

The full story in the Toronto Star. Hat tip Asocial Studies.



  1. Did she buy it?

  2. Yup. She only got to see the label when it was delivered, and now she’s not entirely convinced she wants the thing in her house. Maybe I should check my sofa and make sure it’s not cracker-white or something stupid like that….

  3. Heard about that a while ago. Apparently the store blamed the manufacturer in China, and the manufacturer in China blamed a Chinese-English translation software; apparently when you type in “dark brown” in Chinese in an older version of the software, that’s one of the translation options in English. The person doing the labelling in China apparently spoke little or no English, so couldn’t assess whether the translation was okay or not. (The software company says they’ve fixed it in newer versions).

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