Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 April 20

Georgian Bay


The second iteration is done. I’m off to study family medicine in Ontario. Where I will learn to deal with the particuliarities of rural medicine. I think this will give me an appropriate background for international work, and I know the team there is ultimately very supportive.

I am going to miss Montreal, but until the work permit/prem/Quebec government situation changes, it isn’t realistic to try to stay. My husband wants to go back to teaching; he can do that in Ontario. I want to pay off my loans; I can do that in Ontario. I want to work in a place of my choosing; I can do that in Ontario.

I hope I’ll be back someday.



  1. I will miss you and Jim very much. I know you will miss us too! But where you are going is nice… as I told you before, we used to own an island in Georgian Bay, I have pics somehere…
    Love ya!

  2. Bonne chance avec vos etudes!!

  3. Well, RN2B, you know you are expected to get your butt on the train and come visit (and we’ll be back, besides).

    Kelly: Thanks.

  4. You know Montreal will always, in some way, be home for you guys. We’ll miss you LOADS and we expect many visits in both directions. And if you ever are hankering for a good bagel or some Crepes a la Croissant de Lune, feel free to jump in the car/on the plane/on the train. Meanwhile we will expect invites for ski weekends. Many ski weekends.

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