Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 April 10

Don’t just do something, sit there!

Fact #1. Studying is boring.

Especially when you have had the good fortune to have been doing clerkship which is exhausting and maddening but certainly anything BUT boring.

Fact #2. Stop studying in earnest for a while and getting back into it is HARD.

Especially when there is all this other stuff to do. Like listening to music. Or reading the newspapers. Or trying to figure out how to get your computer to remember not to logoff the internet.

Fact #3. Studying at this time of year is torture.

It’s spring! And I could be fixing my bicycle! Or out running. Or really, anything besides studying.

Fact #4. Whining about studying does not count as studying.

I’m betting nothing on this blog is going to be on my exam.

Fact #5. I really should be studying.

Can’t argue with that. One month and counting to LMCC. Back to psoriasis it is…



  1. If you find out anything new about psoriasis let me know because the elocom isn’t really working on Kennedy’s head. Any suggestions? I am going to try and brin gher back to the pediatric dermatologist as soon as I can.
    Love ya sis!
    Study hard!

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