Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 April 7

…. One to Go

I have one class left in medical school. On Thursday of this week. A few readings to do, some discussion.

On Friday, I find out where I will be for July 1st.

I have a few review sessions for my big licensing exam. I will spend the next month with my head buried in the books, and the LMCC is May 9.

The past four years have been a trial, a thrill. They have just whizzed by, though sometimes individual hours have felt like weeks.

Like any ending, it’s a beginning. I have so far to go.


A seasonal link, with a surgical twist. Click here:


Yum! Enjoy!


Tonight is the GAME. The good guys V. the bad guys. Winner take all.

There will be cheese-string voodoo dolls and cheering and popcorn throwing. Love hockey night in Canada with the girls! We are back on the bandwagon.

GO HABS! We love you, Halak! And Koivu!

PS: Leafs suck 😉



  1. I think that someone flew over the cuckoo nest and landed in the peep-peep nest..

    its very funny

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