Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 March 6

My city

It’s my last weekend off for a LONG LONG TIME. I am about to start an anatomy course which is meant to get me up to speed to be a decent surgery resident. And I have to prep for my licensing exam.

Fortunately, it is also le fin du Festival Montreal en Lumiere, culminating in the All-Nighter. Where they open up the fun bits of the city that people who live here never do because they cost money and hey we live here so really we could do them anytime.

I am really looking forward to the silent disco, the Maison Hantee, and maybe a little blacklight skating on the Old Port. Last year we watched the snowplough ballet (which was way cooler than it sounds) and took in a show at the Planetarium.

Update: Looks like word got out… great turn-out means long line-ups. Maison Hantee was worth the wait even if it wasn’t QUITE what I expected. Skating was packed. Note to Hydro: if you really want to make people happy, sponsor the skate rental as well. And the ice slide: way fun. Unfortunately, the silent disco we deemed to be not worth the wait. The weather was ideal for a wintry carnival, lots of fresh snow, but not too cold. Looking forward to next year already!


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