Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 February 5


It’s an embarassing thing when you catch yourself doing it.

You got two hours of sleep on call and you’re due back at the clinic at 7am? Let me tell you….

Emergentologists are famous for it.

You had two car crashes, a stabbing and a jumper? Well, on Friday we had….

Surgeons like to out-gross each other (not gross out, it takes a lot to gross out a surgeon). Bigger tumour is also good.

It was grapefruit sized and caked onto the bowel? We had one the size of a….

But in oncology it seems to be, who has had the most depressing week.

You had three patients die and two are in hospital with infections. Well, I had….


Then of course, there’s the Canadian version:

You think THAT’s cold? Hah!

It’s currently -20C, with winds of 60km/h.


At least it’s too cold to snow.



  1. You think that’s cold, eh? I waited for the bus for 30 minutes at -39 windchill. (Sorry, I’m missing the med gross-out competition – there’s no competition in Human Kinetics… I beat everyone out, except maybe the guy who can insert an esophageal probe down his own nose in the record time of 3 seconds – and he’s just mildly psychotic).

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