Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2007 January 15

Snow Problem

It appears that we Montrealers got used to the idea that this winter wasn’t playing by the rules. Currently listening to the traffic reports, and it sounds like we have forgotten how to drive in snow!!

So ashamed.

Missing Malawi today. Walked home in the snow. Not entirely looking forward to digging my car out by Wednesday (due to the impenetrable parking laws that only living here for a decade or more gets you to the point where you can begin to not get parking tickets, I have to move my car by then or get ticketed).

Still, how beautiful is my city?

And how lucky am I ?

I have the perfect solution to this weather…..

Stay in…. blog…. write papers…… drink hot chocolate…… study……. in front of a roaring fire…..

Update: The radio announcer just said the words “Gong Show” in the context of traffic reports. That’s generally not good news, is it?


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