Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2006 December 11


How much does a mango cost? You know, the fat red creamy ones?

The ladies are selling them for under 5 Kwacha each. There are 275 kwacha to the British pound. It’s highway robbery to take them away for that, but they are so plentiful, none of the locals are buying for more.

I love mangoes, and to help out the ladies I am buying tons of them. I expect to be orange and sweet by the time I go home.


The hospital had a busy weekend. Two uterine ruptures: one baby survived, the other came in too late.

But both mothers survived. And you know what? That’s a damn miracle.

This morning’s entertainment: Young girl from Mozambique, from Villa Milanje. Hello. Oh, you’re due this week. Having abdominal pain and that’s why you came in. Okay.

Who came with you? (Every patient has a guardian to cook for them, wash their clothes, advocate for them.) Your mother and your sister? Alowetsani (bring them in).

And so in comes sis. Also pregnant, with a notebook which serves as a medical chart here in Malawi. Hm. A load of help YOU’RE going to be. Also due this week. No abdominal pain.

You’re sisters? Yes.

Same mother and father? Ah, no.

Same mother? No.

Oh. Same HUSBAND. Not sisters, co-wives.

Both doing fine, both around 19 years old, both due this week. I hope he’s faithful to both of you, because if not he’s putting a lot of people at risk.


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