Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2006 October 28

Saturday Night

This has been a great week:

Sorting out CaRMS documents. I have to PROVE that I am a Canadian, and that I did an undergraduate degree, and that I passed my ACLS. I didn’t bother to prove that I can speak French, that’s easy enough to prove in person. Du fonne, toujours.

For some reason they also wanted a photo of my smiling mug.

So that’s done. The application and schools selection and letters are just about finished. Still panic-inducing every time I log in. Because what if I don’t get accepted to a surgery programme? I can’t picture myself doing anything else at this point, I have the “surgery bug” (as one of my mentors put it) so badly.

Working on a research project, just silly grunt-work, but someone has to do it. Chart reviews, not much judgement required. Nice to be involved with anything to do with trauma.

Got my airline tickets to England and Africa. My husband’s uncle is getting married. And then I am off to Malawi. To deliver babies and do gyne clinics in a very badly underserved area with a doctor who has been there forever despite her annual threats to give it all up and move back to the States. She’s a star.

Bought car parts on ebay. And earrings. And The World According to Garp on DVD.

Caught up on some sleep. Studied a little. Start in hepatobiliary on Monday, and am a smidge nervous.



  1. hey ya,
    so w schools did you apply to to do your residency? Or are you going to keep me hanging until you actually get in!!!?

  2. *Snigger* to you. Blogrolled right back atcha.

  3. Cool blog.

    Granted the last thing you need right now is a bunch of other blogs to read, but if you haven’t already found them, consider checking out some of these other surgery/trauma oriented ones:

    Fingers & Tubes in Every Orifice

    (I see you already have Sid Schwab (Surgeon’s Blog) and Barbados Butterfly.)

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