Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2006 October 19

Trauma draws to a close

Yesterday I was rounding on a group of patients. There was one young lady I went to see who is generally catatonic, but recently her meds have been changed, and she seems to be responding well.

So I tap on the door. I can see very well what she’s doing, and when she notices me, she doesn’t bother to stop.

“Hello, Mrs. B, how are you.”

“I’m okay.” She looks at me, then looks at her finger. “I’m just picking my nose.”


Well, what can you say?


My trauma rotation has been incredibly interesting. I learned a lot about my city. I learned that a lot of trauma is predictable and preventable, and that carelessness can easily cost a life.

I liked not having to read the newspapers.

I liked being part of the team that took care of the hockey players: “Did you see that hit?! I guess we’ll be meeting that guy at rounds in the morning… cool.”

I loved taking care of patients in acute, unexpected situations. I loved that they got better fast and went home. I loved the decisiveness, the confidence in the training.

I’m on call tonight. Wish me luck.



  1. Have a FUN call night!
    I had fun learning to suction children today!

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