Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2006 September 28

A Crappy Day

So, yesterday’s post were about the problems of the world, which I can’t do much about.

Today’s is much less ambitious, but futile as well. My own little problems.

I woke up this morning, having had a very disturbed sleep due to the sound of dripping water. Not a new occurrence, this has been going on for over a month (last month it was “fixed,” the ceiling rebuilt, and the very next day I heard water dripping on the not yet plastered ceiling… but they plastered it anyhow).

For more days than not I have been waking up to a flood in my bathroom. Dirty water from a spillover pipe in my upstairs neighbour’s apartment. Unhygeinic to say the least. They finally tore down the ceiling again, and now when I shower this filthy water drips on me. Disgusting!!

The “repair job” in the photos is my solution to that, at least.

My landlord says she is getting a plumber in on Monday. Four more days of gross, unhealthy, icy cold and filthy water everywhere. Why Monday? Because that’s October the first, the day she has to turn the heating on, and she already has the guy booked for that day. God forbid she get him to do both a few days early, it’s certainly been cold enough to warrant it. All I can say is, thanks a bunch, Rachel (the landlord).


So then I go to work and have a lousy but boring day (trauma is no fun when there is no trauma, and don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I want anyone to get hurt…. but if they’re going to get hurt anyhow, I’d like it if they did it on my shift). I accomplish nothing and manage to piss off my senior resident due to not being entirely with him (combination of bathroom and other personal stuff).

And when I get home I get paged by one of the other medical students who has taken issue with the call schedule (which she and the other students arranged in my absence) and wants me to switch a call. Which I was willing to do, but to arrange it tomorrow. Except, when I asked if we could sort this out tomorrow, she whined. And now I am very much inclined to tell her to suck it up. I detest whiners.

We shall see which me wins.



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