Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2006 September 26


I have just logged onto CaRMS and spent an hour or so filling out forms. I am now officially in FREAK OUT mode (and if I knew how to get those letters to jitter and blink in red and green, well that would express things much better). I cannot imagine that in five weeks I will be altogether sorted and ready to take that next giant leap which is residency. Although, I suppose I am as ready as anyone. At least I’m sure about my choice of programme.

Still, it is A BIG DEAL.


On the heading to Malawi front, I have deposited my grant, and my adorable husband and I have been baking apple pies like it’s going out of style (or like the apples are threatening to become a mouldy muddy mess in the corner of the kitchen). And we have managed to raise over $150! Not bad for something that started out as a pleasant afternoon apple-picking at Rougemont.


Just started my Trauma surgery elective. Wooohoo!!

We start at 645am. Booo.

I have a fun team and the staff are great and also young!! Wooohoo!!

I am on call three of the next four weekends. Booo. Including the Thanksgiving Monday holiday. Double booo.

Confused? You betcha.


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