Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2006 September 5

Back in action

So the camping trip was partly lousy and partly fab. Sites were a little packed in, but otherwise no complaints, and the setting is fantastique.

Nothing worse than waking up and realising that you have somehow managed to pitch your tent in an area that resembles high ground but is in reality a small lake bed.


But the sociable bit was fun… and the mini-putt was fun…. and when the rain eased off (the next day) we went kayaking. The lake is a knockout, just gorgeous.


I’m also back in the OR on electives now. With a great staff who lets me *do stuff*. I got to do an incision today. A big one, for a thoracotomy. Right down through the muscle, but not into the chest wall (one step at a time). I got to use the scalpel and the cautery. AND I helped to close.

(jumping up and down in an excited-four-year-old-on-birthday sort of way)


In other nonsense: So, the little car in the top right of this blog is my red rabbit from 1984, believed to have a 1.8L GTi engine. White vinyl seats. Manual transmission. I have been driving giant automatics most of my life, so this baby has been a real adventure, but you know what, I am finally getting pretty comfortable with it. Yay!



  1. Yes, the kayaking was really awesome, wasn’t it? In fact, I kinda wish I was in a kayak right now…

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