Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2006 August 27

Cleaning up the neighbourhood

Currently at Brulerie St-Denis with a fantabulous “Chocolaccino.”

Mmmm, foamed milk and chocolate sprinkles….

There was a great article in the Montreal Gazette today about a town called Grand Maman in New Brunswick. It’s a small town with an out-of-proportion drug problem. The entire community is aware of the people who have been encouraging this, and have identified a few “crack houses.”

On July 22, things reached a boiling point and mob justice prevailed. Someone apparently set alight this “crack house,” and the community members prevented the fire trucks from reaching the house to extinguish the flames. Nobody was hurt, but the house was completely destroyed.

What have our fine lawmakers done? They have made a point of a “show of force,” sending 70 RCMP to protect the home of a second drug dealer when rumours were spread that the same thing might happen again.

They have charged the citizenry with various offences, including arson, and obstructing a public highway.

To their credit, they ordered the drug dealer to not return to the island and to stay away from all residents. But he’s not in jail.


The Harper government is considering closing down the country’s only safe-injection house, Insite, by simply allowing its permit to expire. Here in Montreal, the police routinely plant themselves in a cruiser immediately outside a needle-exchange. Not exactly a welcoming sight for peoople making an effort to protect themselves in the worst of circumstances.

What are they trying to prove?



  1. The virtual bubble wrap is awesome. Unfortunately there must be a bug in the code or something, because my browser won’t load the rest of your blog after the bubble wrap applet.

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