Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2006 August 18

You know you are meant to be a surgeon if….

1. The word biopsychosocial gives you a rash.

2. You consider faking sick every Tuesday for the next six weeks, because that’s your Clinic Day.

3. …and you’re pretty sure you wouldn’t be missed anyhow.

4. You spontaneously come up with evil nicknames for your Internal Med rotation (my personal favourite, predictably: Infernal Medicine).

5. You don’t get psychiatry. At all. Not even a little bit.

6. Your reaction when your delirious patient turns out to have an abscess, and leaks pus everywhere: Fantastic! Now she’ll get better!!

7. Even after six months, you still love your scrubs.

8. Crocs!

9. You now know that coffee is an ART.

10. You actually say the words “Why don’t they just take it out?” ….in a nephrology lecture (yes, Mitch, that’s you).

11. Two words: “Hot surgeons”

12. Left alone, you invariably switch the TV to the open heart surgery on TLC.

13. Your role model: Dr. Nick.

14. You can say the words: “Splenectomy, cool!” and mean it. Even at three am.

15. As a kid, you were the one peeling off the bandaids and saying, “Can I see it?”

16. More to come…



  1. hehehe, Crocs… Also a nurses best friend!

  2. Woohoo, Dr. Nick!

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