Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2006 August 14

Who is your doctor?

One of my classmates, to me, commenting on another classmate:

“I don’t know if someone who has a tattoo on her breast that can be seen when she wears her regular clothes should really be a doctor.”

Do you agree?

What about body piercing? Tattoos that aren’t visible when wearing professional attire?

Or something simpler: would you trust a doctor who wears jeans and a T-shirt to the office?

You know, he probably wished he had said that to someone else when he spotted my (more discreetly placed, but visible in scrubs) tattoo a week or so later. *Heh heh*

Update: I knew I couldn’t be the only one doing this… and she’s waaaaay funnier, check this out.



  1. We have the same problem in nursing… one of my classmates (guy), has a “sleeve” tattoo on his upper arm whhicha can be seen when he wears our school uniform “scrubs”. He was told to wear a long tee or something to cover it up. He also has an ear peirced and was told to take it off for clinical. Grant you, this was by our old clinical teacher (old in age and thinking) and she is NOT opened minded in the least!
    She even gave me a look when she saw my peircing (top if my ear.. you know where, you were there!). I won’t take it out, if I do, it’ll close up.
    I don’t think it makes a difference, if you are good at what you do, who cares!
    That being said, a few of the older patients have commented on my friends tattoos when they had become visible.
    And speaking of jeans and a T… a cardiology resident who saw me at 1AM one night (HOT too!) was wearing jeans and scrub top. I noticed the jeans yes, (more b/c of hwta his butt looked like in them, sick as I was I wasn’t DEAD!), but I also noticed how in control and good he was at his job/taking care of me.
    ‘nough said!

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