Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2006 August 14

Toronto AIDS Conference

I did an elective in the ER of one of the local hospitals.

One patient who presented was a beautiful young lady of 19 who had some or another minor health problem that she wanted checked out, maybe a sore throat, I don’t recall.

What I do recall was asking about her medical history, she had two interesting things to say: she was four months pregnant (and things were going just fine, thanks).

And she was HIV positive from birth.

According to the WHO, transmission rates in the absence of any intervention are 15-30% through pregnancy and delivery. These rates are reduced by half with basic intervention, giving this lady a greater than 90% chance of having a child who will not carry the HIV virus.

Hurrah for her. Such hope for the future for all of us.

And really, my best wishes,
wherever you are, lady.


If you are wondering how I have time to write all of this, it’s because I am currently doing a *yawn* psychiatry rotation. And half the staff are on vacation.

Go summer!


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