Posted by: sayamika, the killer bunny | 2006 August 9

A Confession and a Question

I have a confession to make.

I am not a doctor yet. One more year to go. Lots and lots to learn. Lots of sleep to be deprived of, lots of friends to not talk to, lots of life to miss out on and then to rediscover at some as yet undetermined future time when things will settle down (or so I am assured).

This blog is my way to think outside the books.

I hope it will contain discussions about Canadian healthcare, international health, residency in different specialties, whatever. Maybe people who are a little farther along can offer some advice.

What’s been on my mind recently is predictable enough: CaRMS, the match, interviews. We had a meeting at our med school recently, and the topic of illegal questions was broached. Apparently many female first-year residents said that at some point during their numerous interviews, they were asked the following: “Do you intend to have children during residency?”

Do you have any recourse if you get asked something like that?

Who will believe you if you say no? Should you say no? Should you say yes?

The only thing I have figured out for sure is that getting up and storming out is not the best option.



  1. Woohoo, first comment is mine! Welcome to the blogosphere, babe.

  2. Hi Segacs- Don’t know if this will be a long-term relationship with the blogosphere, but there’s a lot of stuff coming up that could handle some airing out. We shall see.

  3. Very cool.. I have actually been thinking of doing this too but have no idea how! Maybe I will look into it now.

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